Grade 1: Mrs. Sue Underwood
Experience: 41 years (34 at Presentation)
B.A. in Elementary Education/Special Education Hearing Impaired from Augustana College
Philosophy: Being a first grade teacher at Presentation has allowed me to emphasize my Christian faith in the learning process, help the first graders relate to each other in and out of the classroom and assist them in living their faith in their everyday lives. It is important to me to provide and encourage a safe and caring environment in order for the children to develop and grow as individuals. I believe it is important to develop a love and proficiency for the 3 basics of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic by the end of their first grade year. In my classroom, I motivate students through curriculum centered on their interests, fun projects, group and individual work, and hands-on learning activities. I will recognize the uniqueness and ability of each individual in meeting their needs.
traveling, bike riding, movies and theater productions, shopping, family gatherings