Six Reasons to Choose Presentation for Kindergarten

1. Faith Formation – Presentation of Mary’s mission is to instill faith in every student.  Kindergarteners at Presentation pray daily and attend weekly masses along with the rest of the school community.  They participate in Religion lessons each day and engage in activities that help them foster Christian values and attitudes while learning about Jesus.

2. A Full Day of Learning – Your Kindergartener will reap huge benefits by being at school for a full day and will have additional time to master the skills needed to be successful.  In fact, research shows that students who are in a full day Kindergarten program see emotional and intellectual advantages well into middle school.  Our full day program also means that students have Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Computer and Library each week, just like the older students.

3. Superkids Reading Program – The Superkids reading program is a comprehensive reading and language arts program for grades K-2.  It is based on scientific research that shows that phonics-based instruction is the best way to teach children to read.  Students read engaging fiction and nonfiction and are motivated by the Superkids characters who help make reading fun.  Nationwide studies and our own assessments of current students testify to the effectiveness of the Superkids curriculum.

4. Reading/Math Support Specialist – Not only does our Kindergarten teacher offer differentiated instruction tailored to your child’s needs, but she is supported by a Reading/Math Support Specialist.  Our specialist works with all children in Kindergarten, First and Second Grade to ensure that they have the support they need to be successful. Regular assessments and updates from the specialist allow the classroom teacher and parents to see exactly how each child is progressing.

5. Technology Integration – Presentation of Mary’s teachers and leadership are committed to providing instruction that is consistent with the digital world that surrounds your child.  This is why we have a SMART interactive white board in the Kindergarten classroom, a cart of iPads, and a 21st century resource room.  At Presentation, children take advantage of the interactivity and engagement that 21st century tools offer to accelerate and enhance their learning, with teachers who know how to implement them.

6. Buddy Program – Kindergarteners are paired up with eighth graders and form a bond that lasts long after the eighth grader has graduated.  Eighth graders sit with the Kindergarteners at Mass, read with them, and participate in a multitude of activities throughout the school year.  Your child will be greeted with a high five and a smile by his eighth grade buddy every single day, and will also mix with students from other grade levels in special activities led by the Student Council.  This unique program was featured in a KARE 11 news segment called “What’s Cool In Our School” (below):


Kindergarten is a time of both social and academic growth for children. Our goal at Presentation is to provide students with a year full of challenges and learning experiences that will enhance the whole child. Each day the children participate in language arts, hands on math activities, science, and religious studies. Throughout the week the students also have the opportunity to study physical education, music, social studies and Spanish. Students also attend and participate in weekly school masses. Here at Presentation we teach each child by individualizing the curriculum to meet each student’s needs. Every child is given what they need while the learning outcome is being met.

Little minds learn best when they are engaged in experiences that are relevant and interesting. We focus on multi-sensory learning, using phonemic awareness, alphabet knowledge and programs such as Handwriting Without Tears™. Leaning through music and other developmentally appropriate activities are also a key component of the daily curriculum.

Kindergarten Scope & Sequence