Presentation Preschool

Presentation Preschool is a ministry of Presentation of Mary Church. We offer exceptional programs for children preschool through school age. All programs operate in the lower level of the school.

Our practices nurture children in the 5 core areas of development: social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual. We believe that children learn through both play and meaningful academic opportunities and our curriculum reflects a balance of these education practices. Children are like snowflakes; each one unique, yet posses many similar qualities. Our Preschool approach is a child-initiated, teacher supported environment; where the teacher designs the environment to encompass many different meaningful activities and learning styles. Progress is monitored regularly and close home-school communication is an essential component of Presentation Preschool programming.

Presentation Preschool offers:

  • Teachers and support staff with their degrees in education
  • A commitment to research-based curriculum models and methods
  • Flexible, high-quality programming
  • Low teacher and support staff turn over
  • All programs housed in the same building as the school
  • Exceptional specialists included daily
  • Mentor programs with the school
  • A smooth transition between Preschool and Kindergarten

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