At Presentation, our role as specialists is to broaden our student’s learning experience beyond the core curriculum. We promote the development of life long skills and an appreciation for the value of technology, fine arts, and physical education. Collectively, we aim to bring each student into confident possession of his or her God given talents.

Our Spanish curriculum, for all grades, incorporates reading, speaking, action, humor and singing.

Students develop computer literacy in our Technology Center with updated computer hardware, an expanded software library, and high speed internet access in every classroom.

Art – All Grades

Presentation’s Art education classes are designed to encourage perceptual awareness, through the involvement of all of the senses, and allows for the integration of other curriculums, as art readily relates to all educational experiences. Students are encouraged to display their art, and establish a continuing portfolio for the purpose of review of art vocabulary/concepts, and for assessment of growth. Art projects may include but are not limited to: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Printmaking, Assembling, Imaging.

Band – Grades 4-8

The Band Program at Presentation School is part of the Parish Schools Band Program directed by Warren Starr. The Parish Schools Band Program is dedicated to helping each student reach his/her full creative potential in instrumental music. For more information on Parish Schools Band please contact Mr. Starr at (651)748-2414 or visit: http://www.hill-murray.org/band.asp

Computer 1 – 5 Grade Scope & Sequence
Computer 6 – 8 Grade Scope & Sequence
Music K – 5 Grade Scope & Sequence
Spanish K – 5 Grade Scope & Sequence
Physical Ed K – 5 Grade Scope & Sequence
Physical Ed 6 – 8 Grade Scope & Sequence