CCW Virtual Holiday Boutique

Presentation CCW is hosting a Virtual Holiday Botique!

Safe and Secure, Curbside Pick Up on November 14, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Here’s how it works:

1. Visit the Presentation of Mary Facebook page and click on Events to find our Virtual Holiday Boutique

2. Click Discussion to view photos of the crafts and products we’re promoting. You will see the price of various products and contact information for vendors. Presentation of Mary Facebook Followers will see our Holiday Boutique posts in their Facebook feed, so follow Presentation of Mary for instant insight!

3. To purchase an item, contact the vendor. Vendors may request up-front payment by credit card or other electronic payment; or ask you to mail the payment.

4. Pre-ordered items will be available for pick up at the Presentation of Mary School Gym, 1695 Kennard Street, Maplewood, MN between 10:00 and 1:00 on November 14th. Packages will be labeled with the customer’s name and amount paid.

5. If you didn’t pay up front, your vendor will be at our Holiday Boutique Drive-Up to collect payment. Only pre-ordered products will be available for pick-up. This is not an open event.


Interested in being a vendor? Here’s how that works:
-Your crafts and products will be promoted through the event page and on the Presentation of Mary FB page
-Provide us with photos, pricing, and your contact info for orders. Our team of CCW followers will share these weekly posts for maximum exposure.
-Collect your orders, including payment up front (electronic or via mail) from your customers.
-Drop off your paid-for items at Presentation of Mary School Gym between 8:00-10:00am on Nov 14th. Clearly label packages with the name of your customer and amount paid. We will then distribute items for you.
-If payment is unable to be collected up front you may bring your items to Presentation by 10am and wait for your customer(s) to drive up with their payment.

**We will not take responsibility for collecting any customer payments**

Note: Masks, social distancing, and restrictions related to COVID-19 will be observed

Vendor Registration
Cost is $10. Contact Phyllis Haag at with questions. Make checks payable to Presentation of Mary Church. We are unable to accept post-dated checks.
Payment with registration information (Name, Address, Phone, Email, Type of Craft or Product) must be received by 10/14/20. Photos and promotional information will be collected once registration is complete.
Mail checks and registration information to: Presentation of Mary Church, Holiday Boutique, 1725 Kennard Street, Maplewood, MN 55109.