Easter Message Continued …

is treated as a solemnity.

Throughout the entire season white vestments are worn, and the paschal candle is lit and remains in the sanctuary, symbolizing the presence of the risen Christ. The first readings at Mass are from the Acts of the Apostles, and describe how the first Christians react to Christ’s resurrection and begin spreading the good news.

During this season we also celebrate some important sacraments for our young parishioners: First Holy Communion and Confirmation, as they both relate to the joy and dynamism of the Easter mystery.

Then as the 50 days draw to a close, we celebrate two additional solemnities: Ascension and Pentecost. During the days between these two celebrations, we commemorate the time when the apostles were with Mary in the upper room after Jesus Ascension, awaiting the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Traditionally (before Ascension was moved from Thursday), these nine days of prayer were seen as the pattern for the “novena” prayers.

Fr. Mark Huberty