Frequently Asked Questions

The program has already started, can I enroll?
Yes, provided there is room available.

What age can a child begin the preschool programs?
33 months and potty trained.  The RRR, program accepts children who are age ready for kindergarten the following school year.

Are there advantages for members of PBVM?
Yes, families wishing to enroll at Presentation Preschool will be able to submit their applications early.

Are there scholarships funds available?
Yes.  Funds are available for qualified applicants.  Funds are limited and generally dispersed by March of the upcoming school year.

Do you have to be Catholic or a member of the church to attend?
No.  Everyone is welcome to attend any of PresenationPreschool programs.  Presentation’s Preschool programming includes regular Christian teaching opportunities.

Where are you located?
We are located on the lowest parking level which is located at Larpenteur Avenue.   Our facility is located inside the double doors marked S10.  There is a large sign above our door.  Upon arrival, please “buzz” the office for admittance to Presentation Preschool.

Addition Questions? Contact:

Erin Hinds, Preschool Director (651)770-3093