Language Development encompasses everything from communicating with others to recognizing print.  When a child brings us a picture with markings on it and asks “What did I write?” We know that child is beginning to use writing as a form of communication.  We know that if a child can rhyme simple words (bat-cat) that this is the beginning of phonemic awareness.  In fact, rhyming is one of the most important pre-reading skills for a child to learn.  Literacy is everywhere at Presentation Preschool.   In a typical day you may see literacy in many capacities. In one room, you may see large posters that announce there is a grocery store set up in dramatic play and small pads of paper are incorporated into the “grocery store” to be used by the children to make “shopping lists.”   In the next room, the children may working on learning the proper way to write letters though the Handwriting Without Tears™ program.  Children use wood-pieces, stamping screens, play-dough and even small slates.  In the last room they may be a group of children acting out the story of the Three Bears.  While each classroom is engaged in many different experiences, all the activities are hands-on, fun and provide valuable literature experiences!

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