How does the curriculum fulfill the goals of the parent? Presentation Preschool recognizes that curriculum goals are different for each child and their parent.  We provide a well-organized and comprehensive program that focuses on the essential area of early childhood education.  From science education to social experiences,  and physical education to physical security.  Nothing is overlooked and nothing is considered too small to teach and learn from.

Our Staff

How do the skills and talents of the staff support and facilitate the delivery of the curriculum?  Personal interests and exceptional experiences make us individuals.  At Presentation Preschool we ask for those interests and experiences to be part of our curriculum.  Ms. Michelle through her own personal experiences with her son and Aspberger’s Syndrome is now considered an expert on the characteristics of behaviors that may indicate that a child is on the Autism Spectrum.  Additionally she is an advocate for reaching and teaching all children despite challenges that they may be facing.  She demonstrates an intrinsic sense of what children need and how to reach them.  She has a wealth of knowledge and resources that she readily shares.   Ms. Karen’s love for Jesus inspired her to create the WWJD program.  She brings a quiet reverence to the classroom and teaches children about various Bible stories throughout the year.  Ms. Lyn watched her son struggle to read a write.  She researched better techniques for teaching young children to read and write.  That’s how Handwriting Without Tears™ became one of our curriculum partners.

How is our staff different or more qualified than the staffs of other early childhood centers?

Education coupled with experience make the staff members at Presentation Preschool more qualified.  Our center has established a long tradition of providing positions that staff members enjoy for years.  Minimum teaching standards are established by the Department of Human Services, Licensing Division.  We exceed those standards in every teaching position at Presentation Preschool.  But obtaining certifications and degrees is only the beginning.  Continuing education is equally important.  Our staff members have attended conferences all over the United States from Washington DC to Atlanta.

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