Our Curriculum Partners

What are curriculum partners? Curriculum partners are entities that we have decided represent our values and ideas about early childhood education.  They are entities that have research and experience behind their methods and products.  Our curriculum partners include:

Handwriting Without Tears™ – Here’s what we have observed when we teach children how to write letters.  Imagine teaching a child to write an uppercase “B”.  Our language from the script we recite (“It’s like a bat with two balls on it” or “It’s a big line like a tree and two bubbles”); to the way the letter is constructed (do you start a capitol letter “A” at the bottom of the line or on the top of the line?) can be confusing and change depending on who’s doing the instructing.  Handwriting Without Tears™ solves this in a child friendly, teacher friendly extremely effective manner.  It organizes handwriting so that it can be taught in a unified, developmentally appropriate manner.  For example, the first letters children are taught are the letters E, L and F.  They look similar and only use straight lines which are the first strokes that children develop when beginning writing development.  The capitol letter “A” is actually one of the last letters introduced because it utilized a diagonal line which is the last stroke that children develop when writing.  But there’s more, so much more!  We sing songs “Where do you start your letters?  At the TOP!”  We simplify and use only 4 words to instruct how to write every single letter (big, little, line and curve).  We use hand-on items that strengthen fine motors skills like crayons, chalk, and play-dough.  This program gets it.  So much so that it is being picked up by school districts (Presentation of Mary uses it too) across the nation! It is simple, effective, child and family friendly.

1-2-3 Magic™ by Dr. Thomas Phelen is another curriculum partner that we enthusiastically support.  Consistency is important for children of all ages; we recognize that consistency is often over-looked and yet most important aspect of discipline.  It’s one reason that we decided to partner with this program.  1-2-3 Magic is the center-wide discipline solution that we use.  1-2-3 Magic is a positive form of discipline that was developed by clinical psychologist, Dr. Thomas W. Phelen.  This program is easy to learn and helps develop a positive relationship between the teacher and the student.  It takes the stress out of discipline and works with toddlers through adolescents.  The program utilizes simple techniques that anyone from babysitters to grandparents can use right away, with confidence.

The Creative Curriculum – We don’t just know what to teach.  We know how to teach it and why it needs to be taught.  Our goal is to partner with our families to provide the most personalized experience for your young child.  We are inspired by the Creative Curriculum approach and utilize many resources associated with this child-inspired, teacher supported approach to learning.

Jolly Phonics- Is a program that has been imported to America from the united Kingdom.  It’s a perfect combination of sign-language (kinestetic movement) and music.  Throughout the year, children will learn the actions for each of the 42 letter sounds.  The multi-sensory method is very motivating for preschool and kindergarten children.  We use this program in conjunction with Handwriting Without Tears.  Children should learn to read and write in an active, meaningful manner that utilizes the movement and music.  Both Handwriting Without Tears and Jolly Phonics feature both components. 

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