Physical Development comes in many forms at Presentation’s Preschool.

Large Motor development (running, jumping, balancing, throwing, catching) are skills that are taught and developed in our Preschool Gym program.  Preschool Gym is included in your child’s tuition and offered 2 days per week.  Here’s an example of an activity that is designed with preschoolers in mind: When teaching basketball, large plastic garbage cans with holes cut out of the bottom are placed along the perimeter of the gym.  These cans become the basketball hoop.  These “hoops” allow preschoolers to have a successful, developmentally appropriate, experience on the court.  Imagine a “hoop” (aka garbage can) that is 5x the regular size of a basketball hoop, and being able to “shoot” the ball at the hoop that is now within reach for your 3-year-old frame.  When you make it in the hoop, it safely returns by rolling out of the bottom of the can.  While gym programs are being cut from school programs across the country.  Preschool Physical Education has been an important part of our programming for a decade now.

Small Motor development is seen daily throughout Presentation Preschool.  From stringing beads to cutting paper and illustrating stories to learning proper writing utensil grip, it’s all here and experienced in a fun fashion daily.

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