The Presentation Church Community

How does the Catholic Community at Presentation support the efforts of the staff and enhance the child’s experience?

From a group of fine souls called the Tuesday Toilers that perform capital improvement to Father Mark stopping by to be a mystery reader we experience a great sense of support.  Presentation Church is a teaching parish that values and supports education.  The Preschool was established in 1983 by the church community to provide exceptional early childhood education to children in the parish and surrounding community.  Presentation Preschool is also a benefit partner of the annual Panther Pride Auction.  This incredibly successful event provides significant funds to the Preschool.  The Preschool has been able to purchase everything from new computers to new cots with these benefit funds.

How are the values of the Church woven into the daily activities?

In Matthew 19:13-14, we learn how important children were to Jesus. “Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked them, but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”We know He saw them as the future and treated them with love and respect. We do the same. We have respected, welcomed and loved children their whole lives just as Jesus asks us to.

What relationship does the Parish Staff have with the students?

We have visitors and make visits to various members of the Parish Staff throughout the year.  Community Preschool classes like to personally deliver food that has been collected to Sister Kathy.  She enjoys meeting the children and personally thanking them for helping the poor.  Mr. Rogers, Principal at Presentation of Mary’s School likes to visit our classrooms to read stories.  He also rolls up his sleeves and helps out at our Thanksgiving Feast.  At Christmas time, Karen Simons, our Administrative Assistant can always be found making elaborate gingerbread houses in Preschool.  And Mr. Blessing, our Parish Administrator still recalls the lessons he learned from the Preschool students about how to properly place butter on a plate before slathering it on his bread during one Thanksgiving Feast.

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