How is the program evaluated for effectiveness?

A minimum of once per year comprehensive surveys are sent out to the parents.  Since we are a non-corporate entity that is not supported by a marketing department the satisfaction of the families we serve vital.  In addition to the formal survey, we also welcome comments, suggestions, criticisms, and compliments at anytime.

The effectiveness of our curriculum is evaluated daily.

Our teaching staff is trained to reflect on the overall day. Reflection occurs for everything from specific planned activities to how a smooth transition times have been going to whether or not specific children are meeting their specific goals.The teaching staff meets regularly to discuss goals and the larger staff also meets to review those goals.

How are the kids evaluated?

We utilize several assessment tools. The teaching staff has developed their own set of criteria that is used during the child’s tenure at Presentation Preschool. Parents are able to see over the course of a school-year or several school-years the amazing growth and development that has occurred. This criteria includes social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development. Work samples are kept throughout the year so parents can see documented progress from month-to-month.