Spiritual Development “Oh the Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord…” is part of the Johnny Appleseed prayer that we recite before we eat. Spiritual development is presented to children though routines like daily prayer and through example like giving to someone in greater need. WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) is a quiet time that is set aside in the classroom weekly to learn about Bible stories, to sing songs and to pray. Children end their day with a relevant devotion that is written just for them. For example “Dear God, I’m learning how to_______. Help me to keep going even when it gets difficult.  Amen.”   Charity throughout the year is an important aspect of spiritual development.  Food drives, collecting mittens for our needy neighbors, giving away special shoeboxes that contain things for new babies and new mommies, supporting St. Jude’s on our tike-a-thon, collecting change for children affected by natural disasters are all examples of charitable contributions that children at Presentation Preschool have made. The highlight of Christmas is the children’s Nativity program and at Easter is baking Resurrection Rolls. Jesus is the reason for these seasons.

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