Erin Hinds

Erin Hinds, Preschool Director
Child Psychology, University of Minnesota.
Special background in early childhood education, and licensing rules for the State of Minnesota. Experience at NAEYC accredited institutions throughout her career.

Sara Bertini

Sara B., Community Preschool Teacher
Education: B.S. in Elementary Education.
Began teaching at Presentation Preschool in 1987.

Michelle Hoemann

Michelle H., Preschool Teacher
Education: B.S. in Early Childhood Education.
Special background in Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning through music.
Began teaching at Presentation Preschool in 1998

Sandy Gramse

Sandy G., Experienced Support
Relative Experience: Home Day Care Provider.
Special Background in Child Centered Preschool Plans.
Began teaching at Presentation Preschool in 1996.

Michelle Wahlstrand

Michelle W., Assistant Teacher
Relative Experience includes an extensive
background working with children of all ages.
Many varied volunteer and working experiences.
Began teaching at Presentation Preschool in 2008.


Alison P., Extend Day Coordinator
A degree in Psychology and minor in Child Development and Diversity. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Began teaching at Presentation Preschool 2016.

Kelsey Messerole

Kelsey M., Preschool Teacher
Education: She attends UW River Falls and is an Alum of Presentation School she began teaching at Presentation Preschool in 2012.

Jamie Snow

Jamie S., “FDPS Assistant and
Afterschool Teacher
Education: BA in Elementry Education, Hamline University.
Began teaching at Presentation Preschool in 2005.


Shannon D., RRR Assistant Teacher
Relative Experience: 5+ years of running an in home child care center with children ages 6 weeks- 10 years.
Began teaching at Presentation Preschool in 2016