Parent Involvement

School Advisory Commission (SAC)

The School Advisory Commission (SAC) is called to a positive, forward-looking model of discussion intended to help the school realize ongoing goals and objectives that enhance student learning and character formation. It is the principal consultative body to the Principal and the Pastor, and as such, exists to offer advice in certain matters of school development, but does not make administrative decisions. The SAC is not a governing board or executive committee and does not follow the model of an elected public school board. The SAC meets every other month throughout the school year.

2016-2017 School Advisory Commission Members

Nikki Giel (Principal)
Dan Gilbert (Parish Council Liaison)
Christine Marshall (Chair)
Robb Boros (Vice Chair)
Shellie McKane (Secretary)
Denise Bates
Amy Unklesbay
Angie Wessel