Stewardship of Treasure

Tithe In The Spirit of Joy – Sirach 35:8

Have you ever created a family budget? At the top of most people’s list of expenses are big items like the mortgage, car payments, and tuition. Other expenses are food, credit card payments, and entertainment. But how about the Church? Does Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary have a place in your family’s budget? Throughout scripture, we are taught to give to God our “first fruits”, or the “choicest portion.” In modern speech, we might say that the first “line item” in the family budget should be returning a portion of our income to God.

Action Steps for Financial Generosity

  • Strive to give 5% to Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1% to the diocese, and 4% to other Charities
  • Commit to a specific Gift each week or month
  • Use your offertory envelopes
  • Support the parish even when you are out of town
  • Donate On-line

offering being taken in church